Monday, September 7, 2009

The wind gently blows/As I read in the summer

Book reviews: too long?
Short and sweet in haiku form
Leaves time to read books.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - Jean Dominique Bauby
Man of Elle has stroke
Writes book by blinking one eye
Heartbreaking, quite good.

Saturday - Ian McEwan
Rich man, lengthy thoughts
Angry fight, turns tables yet
does nothing - letdown!

Atonement - Ian McEwan
Affair, then child lies
Lots more story, no real end
Sensing a theme here.

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Clones in the future
Efficient, set, but happy?
Good, short, Savage read.

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro
You think high school sucked?
Clones become organ donors
Strange: was there a point?

I Love You, Beth Cooper - Larry Doyle
Nerd woos hot prom queen
In grad night redemption race
Sweet, funny, great read.

Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood
Woman reviews life
Smart, Canadian Mean Girls
With paintings; insight.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum - Kate Atkinson
Tristam Shandy-style
memoir; large family tree
through years. Funny, smart.

Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
Vampire/human love,
Smut for middle school girls, but
Ashamed to say: good.

Now please share your own
To share what's good and what's not
May the best post win.

Slightly related -
Best paper headline ever
On teacher's firing:

"Poetry teacher told to take a haiku."


  1. "The End of Science"

    Is science over?
    Maybe. But that's what they thought
    in 1904.

    "I Am a Strange Loop"

    I am a strange loop.
    So are you. Everyone is!
    Whatever that means.

  2. I've been unable to compose a haiku that works for me since 2nd grade, so I offer a limerick:

    David Wallace wrote essays good and strong
    He asked, "Is killing lobsters wrong?"
    He told of a girl depressed
    And a snack food research test
    And wrote one book that's too fucking long!

    (RIP, DFW).

  3. Women Who Run with The Wolves

    Half woman, half wolf
    angry intellectual
    Not recommended