Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Girl Fish...wait a minute...

Since I now spend 2.5 hours in the car every day, coming across cool things on the radio has brings a lot of excitement to my day. I should mention that my definition of excitement is rooted in the fact that if a truck doesn't try to run me off the interstate, it's been a fairly good trip.

Most of this excitement and happiness comes from NPR, though there are other sources that I'll outline eventually. I had to share this story I heard on the way home today, about the prevalence of gender-bending male bass fish in the U.S. Now that I've thought about it, I am reminded of a terrifying primetime special I saw on XXY syndrome in humans, in this case caused by a bee sting (watch out, guys!). However, I burst out laughing when I first heard the fish story. No, I don't think it's ridiculous. However, I do think that these "intersex" fish are going to make the population of bass fishermen highly, highly uncomfortable.

Going back to our literary theme from last time, perhaps the male fish would feel more in touch with themselves if they picked up Middlesex. While I can't come up with one for this book at the moment, please continue to post your own haikus! If you're more into rhyming, do like Ted does and try a limerick, or whatever other kind of poetry floats your boat. Just keep an eye on the fish underneath.

A song that's too good to pass up.

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