Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I found this article in the Atlantic Monthly and wanted to share. Interesting argument and I don't completely disagree with the school of thought. However, I wish it weren't completely undermined by the fact that it's written by someone who ended her marriage after her own affair. What could be a well-thought out perspective on society comes across as a scrambling justification for doing something not so smart.

Speaking of not so smart, welcome Mark Sanford! He now joins the listings of "Bad Things You Did That People Were Probably Going to Find Out About." Preliminary findings show that, contrary to popular opinion, it's not actually the *gay* marriages that are ruining life as we know it. Old-fashioned marriages can do the trick as well.

Somehow, this all ties into a freaky dream that I had the other night.I was told that I was getting married later that day and I had to do it.There was a lot of running around and crying beforehand, because I didn't have shoes or a dress, I wished I had the chance to plan my own wedding, and I was getting married in *gasp* a church! Once I walked down the aisle, I realized that I was in a showroom filled with furniture. I guessed Bed Bath and Beyond, but someone in my dream told it me was an IKEA. I've never been to one in real life, and in my dream I was just relieved it wasn't a church, although I know it can be a place of religious worship for some people.

Getting married in a furniture store lends itself to all sorts of societal commentary. My natural train of thought led me to the New Yorker cartoon contest: (Cartoon courtesy of Matt)

Possible captions:
"Some assembly required."
"Guaranteed to last five years."

Other ideas?

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  1. "Annulments will be granted within 30 days if accompanied by a reciept."