Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Dance: this will make you grin

Every middle school girl that I tutor has in some way made me feel like I am a middle school girl myself. They confide in me about lots of things, we talk about books they are reading, and they all ask me if I've read Twilight. (Answer: not yet). One student and I particularly bonded over a project in which she had to make a mix CD of songs that represent her and explain her choices. She was having a hard time coming up with ideas, and I suggested that she include something current that she likes from the radio. She didn't think that "those lyrics" would be appropriate for her Catholic school, and when I pressed her to be more specific, we discovered a shared affinity for Justin and Lady Gaga. She then proceeded to talk my ear off about Wolverine, though my guess is she likes the actual movie Wolverine, while I just like the wolverine Wolverine.

Point being, as a result of these and other conversations, I've gradually accepted my regression to middle school girlishness, especially in respect to Lady Gaga. Which is why this fifth grade chorus, which has apparently grabbed national attention, is completely okay with me:

I can't get over their intensity while they sing! This one gives me chills, both because they're so good and because this song is something of a personal favorite:

These are exactly like the videos we would watch in education classes, showing us a "well-managed classroom where learning can occur." Except I'm pretty sure that most of those weren't completely real, and this one definitely is. For more on the chorus and all of the attention they're getting, click here.

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  1. Terrific. And fun for me because I use the FAMILY GUY version of that as my ringtone for Chessy..........xoxxo Megan