Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Paul Rudd is awesome

"I Could Never Be Your Woman". There was no reason to think that this would be a good movie. I knew that going in. An older woman falls for a younger man?!?! What kind of wacky hijinks and cultural misunderstandings will ensue? My only reason for watching, as is the case with many movies, is Paul Rudd. Under-appreciated beyond belief, he is easily one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, he doesn't show up until about 15 minutes into the movie and I almost didn't make it that far. I slogged through the contrived dialogue and the appearance of a tv exec's cranky inner 'Mother Nature' as an imagined being who complains, eats junk food and makes witty comments on modern society and relationships. There were multiple other red flags, and it didn't seem like it could possibly pay off to keep watching. Until this:

This promised to be the zenith of Paul Rudd-ness in the movie and I figured it was all downhill from there. I watched this scene a few times. Then I tried to fast-forward to just his scenes, but at the 45 minute mark I gave up, as the worthwhile parts were few and far between. Maybe on a rainy day I'll discover how the fairy tale ends, but for now I'm glad to have left on a high note of glorious dancing. Not surprisingly, my search for that clip indicates that the whole movie is on Youtube if you are so inclined.

I can't seem to find either the clip of him dancing his way onto the Daily Show to promote Role Models, or the infamous Single Ladies dance on SNL, both of which would be very apt here. I instead have everyone's favorite part of Wet Hot American Summer, just 'cause:

I hope he never, ever starts to take himself too seriously. We'd be missing out on a lot.

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