Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's all go to the movies

Before last night, I knew little about drive-in movie theaters. I had an idea that people would go there to do things in their cars that seemed vaguely inappropriate but not yet definable to the elementary-school mind. Also, sometimes they sing and sometimes they think they might be pregnant. (Thanks, Grease!) Also, there is a movie and one can probably buy snacks.

This scattered and strange understanding of drive-ins made me a little jittery as we waited in line for the gates to open to Hull's Drive-In in Lexington last night. Would everyone in the cars around us be "making out"? Or *worse*? Would we not be cool enough if we didn't do it, too? Does one sit in the car, outside of the car, on the car, in someone else's car? Where does the sound come from? Can I get it on my iPad?

It was a little refreshing to be out of our element due to *old* technology, rather than something new and flashy that those Twitterers use to e-message and do the internets. Also, we were particularly excited because it was a double feature of True Grit and Rango for only $6/person.

First step was to figure out what this alien sound device was:

After getting some onion rings and a lime Sno-Cone, we spread out blankets on the grass in front of the car to watch True Grit. And then the intermission movie:

Aside from a brief moment of panic*, the evening was really fun. Admission and snacks were cheap, and the company was wonderful. Having a pickup truck would have been nice - if we had crawled into the back of my aerodynamic little hybrid and tied down the hatch, we would have been left with about 3 inches of space through which to watch the movie.

*Important cultural note: No one is going to take you seriously if you leave the restroom, return to the now-dark parking lot with the second movie playing, and start running up to random families while sobbing and yelling that you can't find your husband. Not that anyone did. Maybe some people just had to quickly remind themselves of this important cultural note, before they found their car and there were yogurt pretzels and everything was okay.

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