Saturday, March 12, 2011

San Francisco

Last week we traveled to the distant land of California, where we saw many new and wondrous things, and became accustomed to their strange ways. Their pagan gods make sure that they always have fresh fruit available, at half the cost of what it would be in a VA grocery store. To appease these gods and continue to receive bountiful produce, Californians must participate in a ritual referred to as "recycling". While other places simply dabble in recycling, California recycles with a calculated and detailed vengeance. Discarding of our trash there was daunting, and I began to look forward to finding a standalone trash cans whenever we needed to do so - without a row of additional recycling bins available, we were free to continue our lazy, wasteful ways.

Clearly, our semi-grown-up vacation taught us a lot. For example, we got lost and stuck going over bridges on both sides of the country, but these misadventures did take us to exciting new places, such as "Yerba Buena Island" and "Maryland". Here are some of the more "typical" San Francisco city photos.

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