Sunday, March 20, 2011

Point Reyes National Seashore

What a heartbreakingly beautiful place to visit on our last day on the West Coast.

First, go pick up the car. Second, get disoriented and lose $4 to the Bay Bridge. Stop halfway at Yerba Buena Island and pretend this was a planned photo-op.

Get back on track and start to drive north.

And drive...

And drive...

And get to Point Reyes Station, a town on the San Andreas Fault with a population of 350.

Eat some lunch, then drive some more. Embark on 20 miles of winding road that will take us out to a lighthouse. Gape at everything - green, rolling pastures that drop off into rocky cliffs, surrounded on all sides by an ocean that is an unreal shade of blue.

Get so very close to the end, and then meet some unexpected pedestrians crossing the street. Receive some glares as they pass. Wait patiently anyway, as they could destroy the rented Kia.

And after that, there just aren't words:

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