Sunday, January 2, 2011

They're not tricks! They're illusions!

Yes, I knit.

No, I'm not elderly. I do enjoy Scrabble, and being asleep by 10 pm. I may also have two cats. Now, stop trying to build a wacky stereotype out of all of that. Knitting is badass. And, by the way, I do stay up past 10 sometimes. (Usually to knit...)

Many people are not aware of the fact that knitting is badass. They may happen upon me knitting and offer me some dried prunes, or ask me when Murder, She Wrote comes on. These people are not the smartest. They also are not getting any hats from me.

This blog focuses on the mathematical side of knitting and other crafts. This take on knitting is no surprise to actual knitters, though it is hard to ignore the rote mathy-ness of the website itself (check out the home page for step by step instructions on how to navigate the website).

Aside from the obvious combo-nerdiness of the site topic, the best thing about the site is the World of Illusion Knitting. A cult, you ask? Nah, that's what this place is for. Illusion knitting, or shadow knitting, is a technique that creates a picture in your project - one that is only viewable from a given angle.

If you like this concept, but have no patience to make things for yourself, try going 90's kitsch and getting yourself a T-shirt. Then, if you like that idea, click here in case you need to be explicitly shown why it is (and probably always was) a bad idea. As you might suspect, I suggest taking up knitting instead.

And if you're just into illusions, hypercolor, knitted or otherwise:

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