Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anti-semitic dessert

I love farmer's markets. Love them. They're fresh, honest and full of interesting produce and people. You can enjoy yourself whether you're obsessed with buying local, or if the fluorescent lights at the mega mart make you ill.

A few months ago, I had a questionable experience at a different farmer's market than the one that I usually frequent. We were accosted by a man and his daughter, who had what seemed to be a funny pitch - selling sorbet in the style of a preacher, as though God made it Himself. (I'd try to be all P.C. and say 'Herself', but as you'll see, there is no way that these people would go for that.)

The man had a megaphone, and was extolling the virtues of his homemade sorbet in biblical fashion, with church organ music playing in a loop from a CD player. His adorable daughter stood by shyly. At the time I hoped she understood the joke. This is back when I thought there was a joke.

He lured us in, never breaking the preacher act. We bought some sorbet so we could get away quickly, and passed it off as an elaborate show. It seemed far too crazy to be real I forgot about them until recently, when I thought I would look them up and try to remember the name of the farm - The Holy GraEL.

I think that the website is pretty self-explanatory (or at least, my reasons for posting it). I can't even count the number of things that frighten me about it, so I'll let you form your own impressions. Please note the fine progression of crazy from top to bottom, as well as the innovative website design (from top to bottom). To explain the title of the post, you'll need to Enter the Black Hole. Both of them.

Today's lesson: always scroll down/flip to the end/read the fine print before you buy your desserts.

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