Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am everything you hate about the world...

...Except Marmaduke. I'm not Marmaduke.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet...well, I would say you should try not to, but it seems inevitable. Just brace yourself, remember that there still are good things in the world, and that this movie is just a showcase of bad, bad choices made by other people. (Owen Wilson? Really?)

Even scarier is the fact that these bad decisions can lead not-so-smart people to make their own bad decisions. In real life. With real dogs.

This would be slightly less disturbing if the movies that prompted these dog frenzies were at least, well, good. (No, I did not happen to catch Beverly Hills Chihuahua - no need, as the hundreds of dogs dancing on top of Mayan ruins in the trailer told me all I needed to know.) I'm hoping that once someone comes out with a movie starring an adorable CGI black mamba (hopefully voiced by Vince Vaughn), it will put an end to this sad subset of life imitating what passes as art.

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